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The Glen Meadow Chronicles

Welcome Back

We had a hiatus over the summer as we moved our website from one hosting service to another, but we're back now just in time for NaNoWriMo 2015.  I've already started writing for the event, and as of today, November 4, I've completed 13,000+ words toward my goal of 50,000 words in 30 days.

I'm continuing the story of Benji Redfern and his family that I started last year.  Benjamin Redfern is a Black-footed Ferret who makes his living on the fringes of his society.  He abandoned his apprenticeship as a youngster because he perceived he was being abused by his Master.  Without a trade or craft, he is relegated to the status of peasant and is destined to do menial labor for the rest of his life.  But Benji is anything but lowly, ordinary or and element of the fringe, he is smart, clever and friendly and he has made a very good living pulling his cart throughout all the villages of Glen Meadow bartering, trading, and doing minor repairs. He is always making deals, helping others out with problems or lending a helping paw and has earned the nickname "Benji the Greaser" because of his knack for making slick deals happen that benefit everybody concerned.

When Benji is beaten nearly to death and his cart destroyed, Benji relents and finally agrees to re-enter an apprenticeship as an adult so that he can make an 'honest living' working in his father's wainwright shop.  Though he earns a respectable trade, Benji must still fight prejudice in the local villages and soon discovers a plot that threatens the lives of every small creature in the entire Glen Meadow watershed.  Can Benji use his past skills as a deal-broker and organizer to save the entire population and save their culture and heritage as well?

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